Cali is a fifteen year old Calico rescue. She has been a resident cat of our shop for over 14 years. Sometimes Cali thinks she's Colleen's personal secretary. She loves greeting customers and strutting around the shop.
We would like you to meet our youngest boy, Baby Boo. He will be seven years old in July and partially crippled. When he was seven weeks old a small dog mistakenly took him for a toy and grabbed him by the shoulder blades. He has permanent nerve damage to his spine, but he is still able to get around and play. He is a happy boy that loves to be loved.
 Molly is approximately 8 years old and is quite the little princess. She prefers to lounge around on soft, plush things such as pillows, or Mommy's coat will do. She is not a big fan of dogs but she enjoys watching her fishy friends swimming around in their tank.
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Baby Boo
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